NIC and SATA doesn't work on nForce Pro board

Chris ubuntu at
Thu Sep 30 13:01:25 UTC 2004

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> I was able to boot into Knoppix and run lspci.  I don't know if it matters
>> that it is only 32-bit.  The SATA controller does work in Knoppix by the
>> way (the forcedeth driver does not).
> Can you tell us which driver needs to be loaded to support the controller?
> If so, I can easily arrange for it to be detected.

OK, I found some more information on this.  Here is a report of the exact 
same problem I have:

Apparently as of kernel 2.6.8 the sata_nv driver is broken.  I don't want 
to use the Sil controller on my board, I would rather have the nVidia 
driver working.  Frustrating because it works in the 2.6.7 kernels!

// Chris

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