warty ppc switch from Airport to eth0 RJ-45

Michel Klijmij michel at klijmij.net
Thu Sep 30 08:57:05 UTC 2004

Op wo, 29-09-2004 te 22:14 -0600, schreef Jeb Bolding:
> My next task is to recompile a version of Enlightenment for Ubuntu 
> (Gnome is okay, but I prefer the E eyecandy).

It's also in the Universe source for apt-get/synaptic, so if you enable
that you should be able to get the binaries quickly and easily.

> And, what's the Ubuntu PPC equivalent of a right-click to get the 
> properties menu on a Mac?

Erm...right-click I guess.

Kind regards,

Michel Klijmij

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