PPC - wallstreet G3

ABD Computer Installations admin at abdcomputers.net
Thu Sep 30 04:24:11 UTC 2004

Greetings all,
	Just asking if anyone has have any ideas to share.
senario follows.

G3 notebook will not boot the ubuntu install CD nor from <C> or 
<alt,CMD,shift,del> .
As far as I am aware the only successful kernel boot with this model is ..
1. boot floppy ie {hfs}
2. bootX
"possibly something to do with buggy Open Firmware."

Already tried placing the kernel image in the bootX {Linux kernel} 
Which boots to avail only an (freezes up now) unsuccesful splash image 
of Tux the penguin in the top-left corner .

Thanks for your time dudes

Best Regards

Mohammad Kaan

ph: 0408 867 967

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