Super-slow response, not quite dead

Tim Rutherford RutherfordT at
Thu Sep 30 01:33:15 UTC 2004

ASUS P4P800 and P4 2.6 w/ 1GB
- internal 3Com Gigabit LAN (3C940) is on eth0 & seems working
Maxtor 6Y080L0 ATA 80GB
Radeon 9200 SE 

Thx, T

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 21:25:10 -0400, Tim Rutherford
<rutherfordt at> wrote:
> Problem first presented when I installed a daily from 27/28 Sep. I
> thought my system was freezing before (or aternately, just after) the
> initial Ubuntu "human" spash-screen displayed.
> Tonight I've dl'd and installed Souner 9 hoping for an improvement.
> Thought I saw the same thing; left Ubuntu running and booted my laptop
> to send this message. When I came back >10 min later the gray 'ubuntu'
> desktop was visible with two blank menu/taskbars showing. Over the
> next (quite a few) minutes these two began to populate. It's like
> watching plants grow; the change is there but too slow to see.
> Now some operations (e.g. menu selection) happen in normal time-frame,
> and others (e.g. effect of menu selection, open or close a window)
> take a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g time.
> I have other issues: can't save to diskette, USB-drive or outside the
> Linux /home directory and can't access internet. Thank goodness for a
> laptop (and windoze I suppose).
> * Ethernet LAN card is active (set manually during install, DHCP not
> working well 4me)
> * cannot see internet, cannot see router web interface,
> * ping [my ubuntu machine] response in 0.023 ms but
> * ping [this laptop OR router connecting both] = unknown or unreachable
> I will report either or both of these in bugzilla if that's
> appropriate. I have dmesg text saved - anybody have suggestions?
> Tim
> --
> Please - use my NEW e-mail address:
>   tim.rutherford at

Please - use my NEW e-mail address:
  tim.rutherford at

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