Problems after using UBUNTU for about 13 Days...

Benjamin Edwards bedwards at
Wed Sep 29 09:58:44 UTC 2004

Good point, sorry about the html, I am forced to use hovell groupeware here, are all my posts comint though in html? 

>>> John <dingo at> 09/28/04 10:17pm >>>
Benjamin Edwards wrote:
> Not sure wether a 'usibility' study is really possible using a beta release of a distribution that is months old against a very mature release.  What you say is in fact fairly encoraging.  

Pls post no HTML

A usability study at any time is a good thing, the earlier the better. 
If there be impediments to easy use, those are bugs like any other. A 
comparison with any "better" product is fair too; the desktop market is 
a competitive one and, as in any competition, the better competitors are 
the ones to beat.

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