Errors during update ( repository down ? )

Daniel Saunders daniel.saunders at
Wed Sep 29 03:55:46 UTC 2004

Vivek Bhanuprakash <vivek.bhanuprakash <at>> writes:

> Hello,
> For the past few days, I keep getting errors when executing a 'Reload'
> from Synaptic. Any solution ?
> The error messages are
> '
> Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)"
> "Duplicate sources.list entry warty/main
> Packages
> "Duplicate sources.list entry
> warty/restricted Packages
Nope - You need to commend the second and third lines of your sources.list.  If
you have a look at them they reference exactly the same repository, except the
second time they appear they also look in the 'universe' section.

I had the same problem last night after my painless (!) install.

An 'apt-get update' should run with no errors now.


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