DVD burning and XCDRoast

Mark Cooke lists at funkypenguin.net
Wed Sep 29 00:53:37 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 19:08 -0500, R S Gill wrote:
> Does the version of xCDRoast in the Ubuntu sources have dvd burning 
> working out of the box?

Not AFAIK, the main program that you want is k3b from universal 
(this is the only good about KDE *IMHO*), except there is a problem with
cdrecord and kernel-2.6.8 and k3b (this is know to Sebastian of k3b
fame!), there is a patch, but it fails to install cleanly to upstream
patched debian kernel 2.6.8 (not tried it on the Ubuntu sources yet), it
fails to allow cd's to be written as a normal user, except root, but
dvd's work fine so far, reverting (or should I say installing kernel
2.6.7) fixed this for me on debian main stream unstable (I'm dual
booting between Ubuntu and my Sid box).

Will add this as a bug report.


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