Problems after using UBUNTU for about 13 Days...

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Sep 28 14:25:13 UTC 2004

Hi Karsten!

On 2004-09-28 15:23 +0200, Karsten Fischer wrote:
> Platform: PowerPC (iBook G3, summer 2003, 800 Mhz G3, 640 MB RAM) 
> OS-Specific:	While running on Battery-Power, Ubuntu seems to drain 
> the battery almost twice as fast as OS X; CPU is running at 400 Mhz – 
> as it would in OS X, but this doesn't seem to have 	any dramatic 
> influence on battery-usage. Way to go there... 

Odd, in the default installation my iBook runs nearly 5 hours; that's
comparable to OSX. Does frequency scaling and power management work on
your iBook?

> OS-Specific:	the modem is neither detected nor is any software 
> installed (using the Desktop-install) for the use of it. Very 
> interesting, since nearly any Mac produced in the last three to four 
> years seems to have a modem. Internet via Modem as well as Fax should 
> be installed as default I think. 

At least the current iBooks (like mine) contain a softmodem, for which
no driver exists. Does your modem work with other Linux distros?

> Desktop-Specific:	My Digital camera (a no-name brand which 
> identifies itself as USB-Mass storage) seems to be detected, I even get 
> a dialog which states that there seem to be pictures on it and if I 
> would like to copy them to the computer – great. Unfortunately, in 
> the next window I am asked to select my camera, since there seems to be 
> no camera connected to my computer. Regardless which camera I choose, I 
> couldn't import any pictures of it.

As a workaround, just disable photo importing in Computer -> Desktop
Settings -> Removable media (translated from German). 

> Desktop-Specific:	The Keyboard doesn't work as anticipated. After 
> a long, long time of fiddling with it I came up with a work-around: 
> every time I log in, I open a terminal and issue the following command 
> 'xmodmap -e „keycode 64=Mode_switch“', after which I can use the 
> Option-Key to generate things like the '@'-smybol using the 
> Apple-default Option-l. This seems to be a minor bug, but pretty 
> annoying – and is probably fixed in the latest builds. 

This is a known problem, and I don't think that it is fixed. Does 64
really assign the Option (Apple) key? At my iBook G4 (German) this is
the Alt key, 0x73 is Option (Apple).

Can you please file a bug about this?

> By the way: it 
> seems that the default buttons for closing a window (which seems to be 
> – in most cases – the same as closing the application) is something 
> strange and should set to the default Command-W and Command-Q 

You mean instead of Alt+F4?


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