Firefox mouse gesture bug?

John Levin john at
Tue Sep 28 09:55:44 UTC 2004


Installed Warthog on my old laptop yesterday, dual boot with Win98. 
Pretty smooth, though got some configuration to do.

I have been using Firefox (straight out of the box - no added 
extensions, themes, etc) to browse the ubuntu site and and 
have been getting weird behaviour. On sharply moving the cursor 
diagonally upwards and left (to North West) the previous page would 
(sometimes) load. The behaviour seems similar to the mouse gestures 
project optimoz ( except that this isn't 
installed, and the gesture for back page is moving the cursor straight 

I have rebooted and tried to replicate this behaviour with occasional  
success - sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Haven't found 
anything in's bugzilla.

Is anyone else seeing this?


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