Thomas Beckett Thomas.Beckett at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 09:50:39 UTC 2004

Having used RPM based distros for years I decided to see what else
there was as I am fed up with sorting out dependencies.
I tried Gentoo for a few months and whilst its a good distro (although
the claims of big speed increases are a little exaggerated) Installing
via source for EVERYTHING just gets laborious after a while. After
Gentoo I tried Debian Sarge but after trying everything I know to get
the NForce ethernet to work (it works on every other distro i have
ever used) for the net install I read about Ubuntu and thought why not
- they might have sorted it. Low and behold it worked first time -
broadcasting to my router and everything is dandy! First impressions
of the distro (I only installed it last night) are good. Nice to see
the network access etc on the menu. Annoying to remember to use sudo
instead of root account, I could enable the account but Ill try the
sudo for a bit - see if I can get used to it. One small problem with
my install was that 2 mice were configured in the XF86Config even
though i only have 1 So when I changed to left handed mouse it aplied
it to the first one and not the second. Both confiurations seem to be
mapped to my 1 mouse so Gnome and X got all confused and tried to do
both selection and menu with eachbutton (very strange result!). Easily
fixed thoughby commenting out the section for the Generic Mouse,
leaving just the configured mouse section. I set it to update
everything just in case there was some fixes last night and it went
flawlessly (I love apt!!!). Only other problem is that If i try to
install mono it doesnt let me as one of teh packages it uses are
aparently uninstallable, will have to look into that tonight - All in
all quite impressive.

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