Markus Kolb ubuntu-ml at tower-net.de
Tue Sep 28 09:43:09 UTC 2004

On 28.09.2004 07:56, Johan Sch wrote:

> This wil be done over a few days..does the iso change regularly OR hopefully stay constant.
> Otherwise I will have problems if it changes.
> Kindly please can somebody tell me what to expect.
> http://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/ubuntu-cdimage/releases/warty/preview/warty-i386.iso
> While lurking on the list I saw some postings about daily iso? . what does that mean please.
> Thanks

The first preview won't change in the future. So no problems to download 
that iso over a few days.
The daily iso images are daily automatic builds with the latest packages 
from the ubuntu repository.
The daily iso is updated every day in the morning between 8 and 9 am 
UTC, I think.
So use the preview...


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