Bluetooth in Ubuntu

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Tue Sep 28 08:22:46 UTC 2004

Jeff Waugh wrote:

>So we didn't include Bluetooth support in WartyWarthog by default,
>because it needs a bit of loving. I've been working on getting Edd
>Dumbill's gnome-bluetooth packages going in time for HoaryHedgehog
>though. You can add this line to your sources.list:
>  deb ./
>  sudo apt-get install gnome-bluetooth gnome-phone-manager
>You should see two new items in your Applications > System Tools menu.
>Have a play, and ping the list if you need any help. I'll be around. :-)

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the answers, I do have the tools installed, but it doesn't 
detect my bluetooth device (on IBM T41 laptop).

Could it be that I don't have kernel support for it? I checked my dmesg 
output, and couldn't find anything about bluetooth. Does anyone know 
what I should check for?

I have new issues now after a dist-upgrade, it seems that the kernel 
doesn't have apm support (is that right?) or is there a way to enable 
it? Perhaps that should be a seperate email.

Thanks for your help

Jonathan Carter
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