Asus P4P800

Tim Rutherford RutherfordT at
Tue Sep 28 05:28:23 UTC 2004

Dual-booting with WinXP 
running on an Asus P4P800 mobo
with P4 2.6 GHz and 1GB

The onboard 3Com Gigabit LAN connection seems to be overlooked, and I
can't get online. (I'm trying to see my Linksys router and beyond.) 
As well the system clock is off by 4 hrs (exactly the difference
between UTC and my time-zone, EDT).

I'm still pretty wet behind the ears, having started with Linux
(Mandrake) in Jan. I really prefer the simplicity of the Ubuntu
interface and I want to stop using WindX as soon as possible. Any


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