Grub problems

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Tue Sep 28 04:52:02 UTC 2004

On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 02:44:29PM -0600, Clinton De Young wrote:

> I just joined this list, so I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand
> times.
> I am trying to use the AMD64 version of Ubuntu with limited success.
> Usually, the install fails when I reboot after the first stage of the
> install is over.  Grub hangs at stage 1.5 with a "please wait..."
> message and no error messages.
> Twice, Grub has let me boot the machine and complete the installation.
> Both times, everything has worked quite well, but if I reboot the
> machine, Grub complains that the partition information is buggered up
> and, of course, the machine won't boot again.

No, I haven't seen anything like this (Ubuntu on amd64 works perfectly for
me).  It's very strange that it works for you sometimes and not other times.

It might help if you could provide the exact error message that you see
which indicates that the partition information is buggered up. :-)

 - mdz

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