Bootloader Problem

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Tue Sep 28 03:55:39 UTC 2004

> > I was wondering if this was related to the problem or is something
> > completely different:
> >
> >
> >
> > I know FC2 has the same issues noted in the SuSE link above. I have
> > several FC2 related links on the same problem I can provide if it is
> > helpful. I have yet to see (I may have missed it) where this 2.6.x
> > kernel dual boot issue has been resolved. If it has and I'm mistaken, or
> > if this issue is different, my apologies for the noise.
> I think that discussion corresponds to this bug:
> but I would expect that problem to persist after reinstalling grub.

and this is possibly related to the bug  maybe solved with parted 1.6.12:

I have seen quite a few reports in both Fedora and Debian world about
people having problems with their dual-boot install after an upgrade
(or an install) to a 2.6-based distro. See for examples:

Since I dual-boot at home, and I need a corrupted partition table as
much as I need a root canal procedure, I have been avoiding upgrading
my home PC (currently on Fedora 1) until this is solved.

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