Problem with automounter

James Henstridge james at
Tue Sep 28 03:38:46 UTC 2004

On 28/09/04 11:26, Kevin Krumwiede wrote:

>On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 10:19:28 +0800
>James Henstridge <james at> wrote:
>>Can you use the "unmount" option on the right click context menu for the 
>>drive in Nautilus?  This does a few more things compared to the standard 
>>"umount" command does.
>The drive doesn't appear in the Nautilus view of 'computer:///', and its mount point has no special context menu properties.  All the drive has on it is an empty file called 'foo', no trash.  (Yes, I know it would be hidden.)  At the moment, lsof is not reporting any open files on the device, and there are no Nautilus windows or shells looking at it, yet it still cannot be unmounted.
Could you check to see what version of the libgnomevfs2 package you have 
on your system?  There was some issues with one of the updates that 
caused some of the disk icons to show up under the "Network" window 
instead of the "Computer" window so it would be good to check there 
too.  The unmount option should still be available if the disks are 
displayed there.

If you upgrade to the 2.8.1-0ubuntu3 update should correct the problem 
that caused the icons to show up in the wrong place.


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