which ISO for a system with SATA drives?

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 01:38:06 UTC 2004

Does Ubuntu have any problems with SATA drives? The reason I ask is
because I have a system that has Slackware on it and since I added a
SATA drive, Slackware won't boot - it just kinda hangs on the hardware
detection stage (I think). I know that Slackware's 2.4.x kernel
doesn't have SATA support compiled in, and that the 2.6 kernel is
supposed to be better with this kind of thing.

I thought I saw some info flying across the mailing list about the
fact that Warty doesn't support SATA, but the nightly ISO's do. Is
this the case?

Even if there wasn't this little hardware question, which is the
preferred install method for now? Install with the 4.10 Warty image
and upgrade packages via the network during install, or download the
latest nightly ISO file? I would think that the first method would
save some bandwidth since you probably wouldn't have to download 550Mb
worth of updates.

Any thoughts or comments before I attack my main system with the Warty CD? :)


BTW - this is the best linux related list I've ever been on. Everybody
helping everybody and developers are paying attention. Keep up the
great work!


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