Grub problems

Clinton De Young cdeyoung at
Mon Sep 27 20:44:29 UTC 2004

I just joined this list, so I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand


I am trying to use the AMD64 version of Ubuntu with limited success.
Usually, the install fails when I reboot after the first stage of the
install is over.  Grub hangs at stage 1.5 with a "please wait..."
message and no error messages.


Twice, Grub has let me boot the machine and complete the installation.
Both times, everything has worked quite well, but if I reboot the
machine, Grub complains that the partition information is buggered up
and, of course, the machine won't boot again.


I have used a live CD to boot the machine and check the Ubuntu logs, but
I don't see anything problematic in them.


Anybody else seen this behavior?  More importantly, has anybody found a
fix for it?





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