RAID and root

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at
Mon Sep 27 14:59:48 UTC 2004


I am installing Ubuntu on my dual Opteron server.
It is the Rioworks HDAMA motherboard.

The install is going fine but I want to use RAID1 on my 4 250gb SATA drives.

The installer says that Ubuntu doesn't do RAID on root.

What is the smallest root that I can do and symlink to everything else
on the RAID partitions. In other words I would like to make the root
partition as small as possible but as large as necessary.

The reason for this is I want all the drives identical. Since I cant
RAID boot or root, I will dd boot and root to the other drives when my
install is finalized. That way the system can reboot as necessary off
any drive.

I have never done this before and all RAID setup is new to me.

Any help or wisdom greatly appreciated.

Jimmie Houchin

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