Benjamin Edwards bedwards at rnli.org.uk
Mon Sep 27 11:18:53 UTC 2004

Latency giving better real time response) is a lot better in 2.6 which makes it better for desktop use.  However I would imagine it was more to do with the fact that as Ubuntu is a desktop distro it runs less daemons.


>>> Dennis Myhand <dmyhand at seark.net> 09/22/04 11:52pm >>>
One thing I have noticed is that Ubuntu seems to be about 25% faster
than the other distro I was using.  I notice this in using \seti at home\.
Under Debian I averaged about 19 hours per work unit on a P-II 450MHz
with 512 Megs of RAM.  Using Ubuntu I seem to finish a unit in about 14
hours.  I would say this is significant although I do not know why.  Is
this because Kernel 2.6 is more efficient?

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