SATA RAID (MSI Neo-FSR) on debian-amd64

Patrick Cherry patch-ubuntu at
Mon Sep 27 11:13:57 UTC 2004

On Mon 27 Sep 2004, Erik Mouw wrote:

> I'm not sure LILO and/or Grub understand SATA devices mapped to
> /dev/sd*, all my amd64 box is netbooted (using pxelinux).

Grub certainly understands SATA devices.  I have a MSI K8N Neo2
motherboard, and grub works fine off that (using /dev/sda).

The only error I get is one along the lines of

nv_sata: Primary device added                                                   
nv_sata: Primary device removed                                                 
nv_sata: Secondary device added                                                 
nv_sata: Secondary device removed                                               
 ... in 250 times a second ...

Has anyone else seen this level of devices being added and removed?  It
makes for large syslogs...


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