Installing on a machine with multiple drives.

Richard Shortland Rshortland at
Sat Sep 25 15:44:02 UTC 2004

Heres one for you. I have a machine with 5 HDD's installed 1 scsi and 4 ide. 

The drives have been configured as follows:

sda  /boot
hda,hdb & hdc configured as a stripped software raid array called /data

hdd /var

Now everything seemed to install ok but when the machine rebooted all I get on the screen GRUB followed by a floashing cursor.  Now is it me or has grub decided to install itself on hda instead of sda.  If this is the case then how can I correct it.

This machine is my file and web server and I want to try Ubuntu on it having tried it on my desktop PC and got on with it really well.


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