How can I get apt to use a proxy?

Martin Maney ubuntu at
Sun Sep 26 15:35:24 UTC 2004

I've been playing, mostly quite happily, with the preview release, and
as I'm looking to do some scratch installs on a few machines just to
see how well it handles them, I'd like to be able to have the 2nd stage
fetch the tens of MB of updates/additions through the local squid
proxy - it's faster and it saves everyone's bandwidth.  However, I
cannot find any way to get Ubuntu to set that up - I just tried, to no
avail, the "expert" install, which needed a lot more keystrokes but,
nope, it just blows straight out to the internet without a pause for
instruction.  Earlier I had tried setting up apt.conf, but that appeard
to get wiped out somewhere along the way.

Am I overlooking something or is this just missing?


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