WU-FTP Startup Voodoo?

Thom May warty+sounder at planetarytramp.net
Sat Sep 25 18:45:14 UTC 2004

* Brett Kirksey (ubuntu-users at valx.mailshell.com) wrote :
> On Friday 24 September 2004 at 16:35+0100, Thom May wrote:
> > check /etc/inetd.conf to see that you have a line like:
> > 
> > ftp             stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd
> > /usr/sbin/wu-ftpd -l
> >
> > Then, 
> > sudo invoke-rc.d inetd restart
> > 
> > to restart it.
> Okay, bear with me here, just so I will know, what exactly is this doing? When is it doing whatever it is doing? How do I make sure ftpd is running when I start or restart the computer.

Inetd fires off a process whenever someone hits the port, so you don't get
an ftp daemon running all the time, just when it's required. If you're not
running a dedicated ftp server, this is a much more resource friendly
option. (And ftp is so slow anyway, the additional time to start the process
isn't gonna be noticeable)
That sounds like a lot of work... Can we out source?
The Revolution will not be outsourced!
(Slick/Monique - Sinfest)

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