OT: hanging paragraph in email message body

Andrew Malcolmson andzy at imap.cc
Sat Sep 25 16:53:50 UTC 2004

Sorry to make my first post here seriously OT, but I had to ask:

Below are a couple of paragraphs from a recent post by Jeff Waugh

There are a few underlying reasons:

 * GNOME has demonstrated their ability to make reliable, stable, time-
   based releases, which fits in very well with our goals. In fact, our
   release schedule will be synchronised with GNOME's for the forseeable
   future. We like being able to deliver the latest desktop technology
   to users as soon as it's available.

 * We are pleased with the amount of third party support for integration
   with GNOME, from leading Open Source projects such as OpenOffice.org
   and Mozilla Firefox, which we also ship. This kind of integration and
   support is important for desktop users. 

You don't see bulleted paragraphs with hanging text indents too
often.  Jeff or others: how can you get this format?  Can Vim
autoindent like this?
Andrew Malcolmson

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