Replacement for "Fair Use Wizard"?

John dingo at
Fri Sep 24 19:45:02 UTC 2004

Shawn Milo wrote:
> There is an application called "Fair Use Wizard," which 
> will extract a DVD movie into a DivX file. It is fully
> automated, only requiring the user to specify an output file
> size (for quality selection) before getting to work. 
> Unfortunately, the program is only for Windows.  Is there
> a Linux replacement for this?
> I do not want something where multiple apps are required 
> (one to extract the VOBs, one to do the conversion, etc.)
> I do not want to have to have to pass several arguments to
> the application at the command line, although I have no problem
> with a command-line application.
> The application must have the ability to create one DivX file
> automatically from a feature-length movie, and to create several
> individual DivX files if the DVD contains episodes, such as 
> "The Simpsons."

I'm not big on DVDs; I own two of them all up.

The first, Jurassic Park III I copied to disk from the commandline using 
the cp command:

cp /dev/dvd ~/Jurassic

from there it played perfectly well, I could see no difference in 
playability between that and Finding Nemo on my Mac.

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