Question about keyboard layouts for Apple machines

Ville Vainio vivainio at
Fri Sep 24 17:29:50 UTC 2004

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>It should be possible to address this for Hoary, where we are planning an
>interactive tool to determine the correct keyboard layout based on very
>simple instructions.
Also consider adding an easy way to add an xmodmap to the keyboard 
layout selector. As it stands, I had to put the xmodmap command (I'm 
using a custom finnish dvorak variant) to Desktop preferences / 
Sessions, and that was after way too much research.

If that's not viable, consider at least documenting the recommended way 
to do it in the docs far the layout switcher. I still don't know the 
right way, and xmodmap is *way* easier to grok than dealing with xkb...

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