Live CDs and Install CDs - why not combined?

Andrew Yeomans andrew_yeomans at
Fri Sep 24 11:52:56 UTC 2004

It would be really great if a CD could combine all

a) live CD for demonstrating Ubuntu or running on
another PC
b) live CD recovery disk (in case you've broken your
system / corrupted MBR / etc) - would let you mount
filesystems and chroot.
c) installation CD with base packages on CD - maybe as
.deb, but perhaps it does a Knoppix-style file copy to
get to the same state as if .deb packages were used.
d) installation CD using internet package mirror
e) installation CD with local / network configuration
file for mass roll-out (enterprise install)

I've not yet seen a distro providing all functions
cleanly. Red Hat / Fedora does b+d+e and a multi-disk
c; Knoppix does a+b+(almost)c.
But if a single disk did the lot, it would be great
for mass rollout / magazine cover disks / etc.

Andrew Yeomans

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