WU-FTP Startup Voodoo?

Brett Kirksey ubuntu-users at valx.mailshell.com
Fri Sep 24 15:15:54 UTC 2004

Is their some magical incantation to get WU-FTP running that I'm not aware of? I've tried all of the possible names from sbin like in.ftpd, wu.fptd, or even just ftpd. It doesn't return an error or anything. Just returns a command prompt as if I hadn't typed anything.

I tried the Jedi mind trick (said to the computer "You _want_ to run WU-FTP", but that didn't work either :-) . Is their something in Elvish that will do the job? :-)


P.S. - I know there are other ftp servers, I have my reasons for wanting to get this one working on Ubuntu.

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