Nautilus SMB share extreme slow

Nelson ubuntu at
Fri Sep 24 14:14:32 UTC 2004

I have just tested this very situation myself using different methods.
Grabbing a directory listing of about 80 files on a Windows 2003 server.

1. From Windows XP - < 2 secs
2. From 'File Browser' on Ubuntu - 1 min 3 secs
3. From 'smbclient' on Ubuntu - < 2 secs

So, to answer your question, I do believe it is a Nautilus problem.

As a side note, I find it odd to see "0 items" in the status bar and the
toes wiggling away at you while it attempts to retrieve a listing.



On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 15:24 +0200, Markus Kolb wrote:
> Hello,
> why this Nautilus SMB sharing stuff is so extreme slow.
> I wait minutes (now 5) to see a file list from a samba server.
> In this directory of the share are 2383 files and with MS Explorer I see 
> this filelist in maximum 5 _seconds_.
> I can not believe that this is only because of a not so optimized 
> implementation in Nautilus.
> Do you have any ideas what can be done?
> Thanks.
> Markus

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