Ubuntu affecting Windows XP clock

John dingo at coco2.arach.net.au
Fri Sep 24 11:35:22 UTC 2004

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>>What operating systems store their clock as UTC on Intel platforms? All 
>>the ones I'm aware of use localtime *for the very reason being discussed 
> The only concrete reason that has been discussed here is that Windows uses
> localtime.

It's also how hardware is delivered, so getting the clock set correctly 
does not require Internet access or manually changing.

> All Unix-like operating systems I have used on Intel platforms store UTC in
> the hardware clock.  Windows (and presumably OS/2) store local time, for
> historical reasons that go back at least as far as MS-DOS.
> Theirs is not an example to follow.

I think it is if you want to run on the same hardware. For better or 
worse, in IA32 Windows hehaviour is the standard.

I have run FreeBSD, but not recently. It was dual boot with Linux (maybe 
OS/2 too), and I don't recall any duelling over time.

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