Zeroconf using NFS and FTP ?

Markus Kolb ubuntu-ml at
Fri Sep 24 10:45:23 UTC 2004

On 23.09.2004 22:35, Christoffer Soerensen schrieb:
> Hi,
> Are NFS and FTP also supported in zeroconf ?
> I have an NFS share and FTP server in my network, but they are not
> listed in 'Network'. Only my SMB share is (which is extremely slow!).

I am sorry I have no answer to your question.
A ftp server isn't found here, too.
The SMB browsing is really very extremely slow.
I can compare with MS Explorer and I would say that Explorer is at least 
40 times faster in browsing the SMB directories.
But I think it is not only a problem of Nautilus. If you use the smbfs 
there are many lags and waits. I've never seen this before.
Smbfs was always fast.


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