gedit filechooser box

John dingo at
Fri Sep 24 04:32:26 UTC 2004

Don Korte wrote:
> the gedit filechooser box does not have (at least an obvious) way to
> select filesystem directories that are not under the user's home
> directory.
> i want to edit /etc/hosts -- i can do it by right-clicking /etc/hosts in
> nautilus and selecting "open in editor", or can drag it into gedit, but it
> seems like i should be able to choose it somehow from within gedit.
> the older gedit (ie gnome 2.6) that i have on my FC2 machines has a
> "filesystem" option that i can select then i can go anywhere in the file
> structure.
> i seem to remember some posts on the gnome boards a while back about this,
> but i don't remember the "answers"
> thanks

This needs to be fixed. I used it for the first time in years, in 
preparing my latest install report, and when it came to including files 
I put in /tmp I just gave up on it.

Since I could find no other editor in the menus I resorted to the 
commandline and vim.

I'm happy with vim (but gvim is better), I use it more than any other 
text editor, but in the interests of testing U I was trying to use what 
comes to hand.

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