MP3 Player

pix pix at
Fri Sep 24 03:42:42 UTC 2004

Richard Shortland wrote:

> This may be stupid but is there an MP3 included in Ubuntu has I have 
> an extensive collection of music in this format that I would like to 
> listen to.
> Thanks
> Richard Shortland

XMMS and Rhythmbox work fine for mp3 for me. I think Rhythmbox installs 
as default and is listed as 'Music Player'.

My problem is most of my music is in Apple's aac format, and I can't 
seem to find a way to play them in Unbuntu at all. It is very annoying, 
I can't seem to make faad2 build either so I can't even build the xmms 
aac module manually.

Anyone know if there will there be aac/m4a support coming to Ubuntu 
soon? Or any way to get it?


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