K3B vs. XCDRoast

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim rms46 at ui.edu
Fri Sep 24 03:36:18 UTC 2004

I have been "fully" using GNU/Linux for a couple of months now.
The Nero CDROM burner was the last "You Know What Windows" 
application that I have used.

I backup my disk regularly, and  I need a CDROM burner that can
easily do "MultiSessions". K3B is the closest that I can find.
So far, the success rate of using K3B is close to 99% (One failure
in 100 CDROMs). Whereas the failure of using XCDRoast is somehow
close to 10% (1 in 10).

Does anyone have different experience of using XCDRoast for

PS: FYI, "BUNTU" in Bahasa Indonesia means Dead End/Dead Lock.
    Thus, U-BUNTU sounds like "You are at a Dean End" :-(
    (Or perhaps Deb*** is? :)

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