xmms crash

Anton Paulic dr-evil at rogers.com
Thu Sep 23 15:00:47 UTC 2004

I think what happened here is somehow one of the core gnome libs that is 
used to trigger audio events is not "audio enabled" if that makes any 
sense. I saw the same thing in Droplins-Gnome 2.6 for Slackware...
As for Ubuntu, as soon as I did the system upgrade in Synaptic, the 
audio events started working immediately afterwards...

Mark wrote:

> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> No, the bug is the error after that.  That message is quite normal (if
>> disconcerting), and libmikmod2 is not required for xmms to work.
> ok, I tend to find if a program is missing a shared lib, it generally 
> doesn't want to run (not always, but in my experiance), and instaling 
> that, it usualy does the trick.
> Mark

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