Startup Programs in "Session" not running

Rob Diehl diehlr at
Thu Sep 23 22:56:02 UTC 2004

I created a script in Sessions -> Startup Programs to mount my samba 
share automatically. When I restart the machine, the script apparently 
does not run. Well, the samba share doesn't mount, at least.

The script is called "slskmount" and the full path to the script is 
/home/rob/.gnome2/slskmount. The script has permissions 755, so it 
should be executable. If I load up a terminal and run it manually, it 
runs just fine and the share is mounted like it should be. I have also 
checked that the path to the script is correct in the "Command" column 
by editing the Command and browsing to select the script file.

Does anyone know what might be the problem?

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