Ubuntu affecting Windows XP clock

John dingo at coco2.arach.net.au
Thu Sep 23 21:34:43 UTC 2004

Timothy Van Meir wrote:
> I have my machine set up to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows XP Home
> Edition.  Whenever I log out of Ubuntu and boot up Windows, the clock
> is several hours ahead of the correct time (I think it's been
> consistently 5 hours ahead, but I'm not sure of that).  It's easy to
> reset the clock, but the problem recurs after each use of Ubuntu.
> Any idea what might cause this, or how it might be fixed?
> I'm in the US Central time zone, if that makes any difference.
> Tim Van Meir

I _said_ assuming the clock's set to UTC is a Bad Idea!

U assumes the clock is set to UTC aka GMT. Somewhere, there's a tweak 
for it.

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