Ubuntu Drive Visible to OS X?

Rob Diehl diehlr at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 23 21:25:27 UTC 2004

I agree. Ubuntu is the best I have seen so far, but there is still a lot 
of work to be done in making it more intuitive in certain respects. I 
just hope the team doesn't lose focus along the way in what I believe is 
the most important thing for a desktop OS: make everything as intuitive 
as possible!  :-)

>I ask this honestly and not with sarcasm, can you direct me to a Linux distro that:
>1) Can be installed from 1 CD.
>2) Can be installed by the "average Windows user" without a problem.
>3) Provides everything required for daily work/play with an intutive, usable     
>   interface.
>4) Can be run on both PCs and Macs (and hopefully other processors as well like 
>   AMD).
>5) Is up to date with current open source releases.
>I haven't found one yet that meets all of these criteria--except Ubuntu.

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