win32-codecs on PPC

Paul Sladen sounder at
Thu Sep 23 20:13:20 UTC 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Rob Diehl wrote:
> Are there any packages available to install win32 codecs (ie- quicktime, 
> wmv, realplayer) on PPC?

Unfortunately, owing to the slight problem of the processors being different
(PPC vs. x86) they wouldn't run.

Those that you can't view natively, you maybe able to watch under Mac OSX
under Mac-on-Linux;  Or I'm sure somebody has probably managed to get an x86
version of xine/player with win32codecs running under Qemu.

This is certainly one way people play the x86/Linux version of QuakeIII or
run Wine on powerpc/Linux.

If you can find a legal+distributable (probably "null") win32 codec, it
might be worth making a meta-package that nicely manages this kind of
ugliness for you.

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