Gnome system monitor oddity

Robert Brimhall rbrimhall at
Thu Sep 23 17:07:54 UTC 2004

Well, I have to admit... I'm used to bsd scripts so there may have
been sysv script to alter to prevent the loading of sound modules but
I didn't dig too deeply... I basically just used the alsa-driver
source deb from the repos and rebuilt it using only
--with-cards=intel8x0... this and adding the snd-pcm-oss to
/etc/modules got my sound working under gnome. Before this I had no
/dev/dsp (udev/hotplug problem perhaps?)... and my modem showed up as
a mixer in gnome-mixer application. Once I overwrote the default
modules I had a /dev/dsp on insertion of snd-pcm-oss (I know that OSS
and it's devices are depracated but OSS emulation did not seem to be
working with the default Alsa configuration on my system.)

Like I said, there is probably a better fix than this, I'm just used
to compiling from source when I have issues with modules (the beauty
of slackware) and I'm not sure how to not have modules loaded in
Debian... /etc/modutils seems confusing... /etc/modprobe.conf is
easier to edit for me but this is not the "debian" way for sure since
the file states to not edit by hand.

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 17:52:47 +0100, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at> wrote:
> > I also had to reinstall the alsa drivers from source to get sound
> > working properly… my modem was listed as a mixer and no OSS emulation
> > mixer was loaded. Rebuilding the source with the –with-cards=intel8x0
> > solved my woes once a modprobed snd-pcm-oss… Gnome sounds work fine
> > now (although, I did have to install gnome-audio since it was not
> > installed by default)…
> >
> Could you provide us with a bit more information on this? How was your
> build different to the standard one we do? Should we be modifying
> anything in our package to work better? If you'd like to help out,
> please take a closer look, and if you find something let us know.
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