Debian Sarge to Ubuntu?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Sep 23 16:38:15 UTC 2004

> <Pedant alert>
> I have servers running Woody. I can upgrade those to Warty and they're 
> supported?

Yes. It may not be perfectly smooth yet (we have good reports, but it's 
not yet signed off on) and in time we hope to have a tool that eases the 
process somewhat. But it's been done with many servers now and they came 
across quite smoothly.

> I have a Woody desktop running KDE (just the one). I can upgrade that 
> to Warty and it's supported with KDE?

The KDE bit won't be very supported... it should work, but those 
packages haven't received the same level of lovin' that the packages in 
main do. We hope to get some teamwork going with KDE fans to improve that.

> I think you've said Universe is unsupported. In practice, if I choose 
> to run KDE in preference to Gnome, what does that mean regarding 
> security fixes, general fixes, bug reports & such?

The packages MAY get security fixes, driven by the community, but core 
team members won't actively be monitoring KDE and making the fixes 
available immediately in the same way that we will with packages in main.

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