Hardware request : eagle-usb driver

Mark Shuttleworth mark at hbd.com
Thu Sep 23 15:38:29 UTC 2004


The packages should be accessible in "universe" (edit 
/etc/apt/sources.list). If you think they should be part of the default 
installed system, please send a motivation for that to the list.


Alexis Bunel wrote:

>First of all, I'm new to ubuntu, and I don't know if it is the correct
>place for asking for driver support. I need support for my ADSL modem
>(Sagem F at st 800), and it is not currently the case. A GPL driver
>exists for these modems : sagem fast800, 908, comtrend ct-350, at-ar
>215 and it is called eagle-usb (http://www.eagle-usb.org). It is
>mainly used in France, Germany and Spain. Packages already exist under
>Debian GNU/Linux.
>Would it be possible to include them in Ubuntu ?
>I am able to assist you in any way with this issue.
>Alexis Bunel (aka lezard)

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