Debian Sarge to Ubuntu?

John dingo at
Thu Sep 23 13:19:46 UTC 2004

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 03:46:19PM -0300, Guillermo Movia wrote:
>>> Hi, i read in the FAQ, that somebody try to install ubuntu with
>>> apt-get from Debian Sarge. Where are the results?  I want to try
>>> Ubuntu, but my ADSL modem is hard to install, and installing by
>>> apt-get maybe is the solution.
>> Upgrades from Sarge to Warty are not recommended; this is not 
>> supported, and
>> rather risky.  A fresh install from CD is strongly preferred.
> You will be able to upgrade from woody to Warty. You will be able to 
> move from sarge to Hoary (our next release after Warty). But Sarge to 
> Warty is not supported (it might work, but it's definitely not 
> supported) since the mix of package versions is awkward.

<Pedant alert>

I have servers running Woody. I can upgrade those to Warty and they're 

I have a Woody desktop running KDE (just the one). I can upgrade that to 
Warty and it's supported with KDE?


I think you've said Universe is unsupported. In practice, if I choose to 
run KDE in preference to Gnome, what does that mean regarding security 
fixes, general fixes, bug reports & such?

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