Debian Sarge to Ubuntu?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Sep 23 10:53:14 UTC 2004

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 03:46:19PM -0300, Guillermo Movia wrote:
>>Hi, i read in the FAQ, that somebody try to install ubuntu with
>>apt-get from Debian Sarge. Where are the results?  I want to try
>>Ubuntu, but my ADSL modem is hard to install, and installing by
>>apt-get maybe is the solution.
>Upgrades from Sarge to Warty are not recommended; this is not supported, and
>rather risky.  A fresh install from CD is strongly preferred.
You will be able to upgrade from woody to Warty. You will be able to 
move from sarge to Hoary (our next release after Warty). But Sarge to 
Warty is not supported (it might work, but it's definitely not 
supported) since the mix of package versions is awkward.

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