Login problem

Markus Kolb ubuntu-ml at tower-net.de
Wed Sep 22 22:34:13 UTC 2004

On 23.09.2004 00:02, Al Simcoe schrieb:
> On my 23 inch LCD screen, the desktop is in the middle of this rather large
> screen and measures only:
>     61/2 inches wide
>     5 inches high
> How can I get Ububtu or X to display at a lower resolution,
> or, Fill my screen?

First try to use the Gnome menu. There is "Computer" -> System 
configuration -> Screen resolution/setting.
I have German menu entries so I guess the English ones and maybe they 
are not exact. But I think you can find it.
There you can choose from resolutions X is configured with. You can set 
the monitor frequency, too.
If there is not the resolution for your LCD you have to reconfigure the 
For this run the console command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
You can just hit enter for the most questions. It will be used the 
current configuration.
You will be asked about the screen resolution for your Xserver again. 
You can choose it with a [*] in front of them. The highest resolution is 
first tried so take the one for your LCD as the highest.
When you go on there will be the question for monitor frequencies. 
Choose the right entries for your LCD.

I hope I could help.

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