Login problem

Al Simcoe alsimcoe at alsimcoe.com
Wed Sep 22 21:15:35 UTC 2004

Hi All,


	Mac G4 733 mhz Power PC
	23 " Apple Cinema Flat panel display
	2 Hard Drives

	Master ide Hard Drive- OS X 10.2.8
	Slave ide Hard Drive- Ubuntu

Downloaded current "Warty-powerpc.iso"

Installation seemed to go ok

When I boot from the Multi Boot menu,
I end up getting a Ubuntu splash screen.
My keyboard & mouse works.

The splash screen appears quite small on my 23 inch
monitor, So small that I can not read the tiny text on the screen.

There is a blank field there which I **Guess* is for my user name
that I setup during the installation.

When I input the "user name" I set up during the installation and
hit "enter", nothing happens.

1. Should the "Splash Screen" appear that small?
2. What can I do about the login problem?

Al Simcoe 

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