Gnome system monitor oddity

Brimhall, Robert Robert.Brimhall at
Wed Sep 22 13:26:10 UTC 2004

Hey all,
This is a great distro (still not replacing my Slackware 10 install
though) and I find it pretty fast and trim as well (one app for a task
rather than several). I have a few issues though:

Gnome system monitor displays my filesystem for the / partition as
"unknown" (it's reiserfs)---no big deal but not sure why this is the

I had to end up booting with the pci=noacpi in order to use my soundcard
and wireless (I have a parallel printer port which, according to other
messages on the list, causes an IRQ conflict)

GDM installed improperly b/c the ubuntu artwork package was broken at
install... a synaptic upgrade and reinstall of GDM fixed this...

I also had to reinstall the alsa drivers from source to get sound
working properly... my modem was listed as a mixer and no OSS emulation
mixer was loaded. Rebuilding the source with the -with-cards=intel8x0
solved my woes once a modprobed snd-pcm-oss... Gnome sounds work fine
now (although, I did have to install gnome-audio since it was not
installed by default)...

Thanks for a great distro and look forward to the official release.

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