Create Document in Nautils -> No Templates Installed

Daniel Borgmann spark-mailinglists at
Wed Sep 22 15:38:25 UTC 2004


On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 16:07 +0100, Colin Yates wrote:
> If I right click on the desktop and select Create Document, it states
> that there are no templates installed.  Could this be populated with a
> list of documents Nautilus "knows" about, i.e. new Ftp connection, new
> Email (evolution), OpenOffice doc (word etc.)?

Probably not, as this place is exclusively meant only for templates
which are created by the user. To add a template, simply open your
"Templates" folder (from the Nautilus Places menu) and move any document
into it. This document should then appear as a template to chose from.

However, I definitely think that it would be great to have some factory
to create new empty documents/objects of a specific type without opening
the appropriate application first (to allow a more document oriented
workflow). Currently this is only really possible with ASCII files and
if the user knows the necessary file extensions (which the user should
never have to care for). But doing this correctly is certainly not a
simple task.

Daniel Borgmann <spark at>

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