Sound issue

Crispian Thorne ubuntu at
Wed Sep 22 14:56:06 UTC 2004

Great Distro!!!

I had the usual problem of no sound until I opened Volume Control &
turned it up, but now something new has cropped up- sound was working
fine in Firefox until I turned on "Enable sound server startup" &
"Sounds for events" (I have some Homestarrunner sounds I've grown rather
fond of), now no sound in Firefox.

If I turn off "Enable sound server startup" & reboot I get sounds back
in Firefox (but if I open firefox first & it plays sound & then I turn
on "Enable sound server startup", I get no system sounds 'til I reboot).

Seems whoever grabs the sound card first won't share :(

This is probably something incredibly easy to fix- but I've only had one
cup of coffee this morning.


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